Family Adopts Stray, Despite Having Too Many Cats – She Ends Up Being Pregnant and Gives Them 4 More

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March 6 was the day our lives would change forever! About three months before that day, a little girl kitty came over with a stray we fed all the time, Tuxie (we eventually adopted him). She was very skinny and shy, but I eventfully got her to trust me.


It started to snow, so we began bringing her inside the garage at night and getting closer to her. A month later, she was very sweet. We found her sleeping in the clothes washer, so we knew by then we had to keep her and named her Lucy!


We didn’t need another cat – we had three cats and two dogs – but that was all about to change. In January/February, my mom heard a big cat scream outside and then, a few weeks later, she noticed Lucy was getting fatter and acting different. I thought she was just gaining weight from us feeding her good wet and dry food.


NOPE. March 5 came around, and we felt kicking in her tummy, called the vet, and the next day, they took an x-ray. It showed Princess Lucy was pregnant with four kittens, due any day now! Then there were sleepless nights, false alarms, and feeding her more.

It finally happened on March 17 at 12:01 pm. I was taking a nap because I’d been up with Lucy. My mom was pounding on my bedroom door yelling, “She’s in labor!” I ran down the hall, and Luna was born at 12:14 pm. She was a grey Maine coon mix. Second born was Kate Beckham, Luna’s Twin (named Beckham because when she was being born, she was a kicker like David Beckham and after Kate Beckett from ABC’s “Castle”). Next was Trixie, a black and white tabby named after her dad Mr. Tuxie. And last but definitely not least, was Miss Kitty Cooper, a black tabby named after Bradley Cooper. We kept them all!


Story submitted by Skylar Owens from Dayton, Nevada.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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