Three-Pound Cat with Puncture Wounds and Head Trauma Shows Up in Family’s Yard

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We adopted two female rescue cats from the local shelter, Gracie May (torbie) and Doobie Doo (tortoise shell). They settled in after two months. One day, we saw them looking out the sun porch window with great interest. Out the kitchen window, I saw a very skinny calico meowing like it was her last chance for survival. Turns out it was!


I went out with food, and she ran into the woods. I set the food down, sat down and called for the litty bitty kitty for 20 minutes. She slowly succumbed to hunger and crept over to me.


She gingerly glided under my hand to get to the food, gobbled quickly and disappeared again. She returned the next day for more after another 20 minutes of calling. When she crept under my hand, I grabbed her and put her in a large dog kennel with a litter box and blankets.


After a week in the kennel eating and resting, we took her to the vet for spay, shots, etc. She was under three pounds, full of worms and recently pregnant. They said she couldn’t have made it another two or three days on her own. Her left eye is permanently dilated from head trauma. She had punctures on her legs and elbows. We live a half mile from a county road, with lots of red-tailed hawks and few neighbors. No one knew anything about our little foundling. We figure a hawk grabbed her and dropped her somewhere out in the woods, causing the punctures and head trauma.

We can only imagine what happened to our Litty before she found her way to our door. Lucky for her, lucky for us! It’s now a year later and we and the three cats are living happily ever after.


Story submitted by Sharon Lamers from New London, Wisconsin.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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