Woman Rescues and Raises Newborn Kitten Before Gifting Him to Her Granddaughters

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On an unusually cold day in April, I heard a mewing sound coming from the side of our house. Upon investigating, I found a newborn kitten in my window well, crying and freezing cold and wet.


I brought him inside and wrapped him in a warm towel. I doubted he would survive the night, but lo and behold, he was sleeping soundly, warm and dry in the morning.


I have never had a kitten, let alone one with no mother. (I searched everywhere for her, with no luck.) So off to the pet store and vet I went to get much-needed instruction on how to save this poor baby.

We struggled together, learning how to feed and take kitten milk from a syringe. I learned how to make him pee and poop until he was old enough for a litter box. (We both hated this procedure.)


Before I knew it, he was able to get out of his cozy Rubbermaid bin and was under, over and on top of everything! My husband and I called him Little Boy because he was so small when I found him.

We ended up putting all his blankets in our walk-in shower with glass doors at night to keep him contained and out of nighttime mischief! He would crawl up my arm and settle himself on the back of my neck and try to nurse.


It just so happened that my two little granddaughters lost the family’s two elderly cats a few months prior to Little Boy’s arrival, so naturally I gave them Little Boy when he was about 8-weeks-old.

They adopted a partner for him, Miss Poppy. Also, they call him Mr Mustachio. And, they are all living happily ever after! (Yes, I cried my eyes out when he went to his forever home!)


Story submitted by Jennifer Presutti.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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