Cat Adopts Woman on the Day of Her Retirement, Makes Her Home Extra Chaotic

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He found me four years ago on the day of my retirement when I was walking through my neighborhood at night. He followed me, meowing and begging for attention.


He was about six-months-old. Who could have abandoned this sweet, sweet creature in my neighborhood. He was such a little, little thing. So lost, so starved for love and oh, yes, food.


This sweet little guy goes by two names, depending on where you find yourself. At the vet, he is known by Biscuit. I had to choose a name very quickly, and the staff noticed he was kneading biscuits, so that became his name at the vet. At home he is known as Little Bit because when I found him he was so, so tiny.


As you can see, he has grown into a handsome big boy. He is very curious, and as you can see, I’ve often found him in the oddest of places. My husband and I sort of sit back and laugh because at this stage of our lives, we thought we had the child proofing of our home behind us. We now have to put childproof locks on the kitchen cabinets, as this guy will help himself to the bread, potato chips, the graham crackers, and anything in which a package can be torn. It is nothing to find a dinner roll still in the bag under a bed. His favorite is cereal.

He loves to watch the bird feeders and cackle at the birds. Loves to watch television. Favorite program is Birds and Squirrels. He loves to jump, and I mean he can jump up in the air maybe six feet from a sitting position. He has rewritten the rules for laser toys. He brings a smile to all who see him. He is so loving and sweet and it seems every day he looks at me with those sweet eyes in thanks for me rescuing him. Some days I look at him and I thank him for rescuing me.


This story was submitted by Nann Greene in support of Goathouse Refuge Inc. To read other stories from the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest, click here!

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