Kitten Has ‘Accident’ When She First Meets New Human, Who Takes Her Home Anyway

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This is my special little tabby cat I named Little Shitz. You may be wondering why I named such a sweet, innocent-looking kitty that.


Well, she was brought home to me as a stray that had wandered into a tractor supply and repair shop. I couldn’t resist picking her up and holding her, but the poor thing was so scared, she proceeded to defecate down the side of me and onto my bare feet.


The only words that came out of my mouth were “you little sh**”, and that would forever be her name. I have to admit I do like to curse her name when she does her annoying cat things, such as knocking things on the floor and getting under my feet to trip me when I’m walking.


Her worst behavior is bitting my feet and running away because she thinks it’s a game. This is her first summer, and so far, she likes chattering at the birds and going after bugs. I have been trying to get Little Shitz used to walking on a leash so she can safely enjoy the outdoors with me.

Little Shitz is always right next to me begging for whatever I am eating, even if she has food in her bowl. She always gets to lick the ice cream bowl when I’m done. Her favorite toy, when she can find it, is a ping pong soccer ball. She pretends she’s an international star with it. She doesn’t know it yet, but our fall plans include watching football.


This story was submitted by Angela Arthurs in support of Humane Society of Yates County. To read other stories from the Tales of Summer Tails Photo and Story contest, click here!

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