Animal Lover Rescues So-Called ‘Horrible Puppy’ Who is As Sweet As Can Be

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I already had a 70-pound dog living in a small apartment. I didn’t have room for you, but a girl I knew from high school was trying to find you a home. I took one look at your picture and I fell in love. I immediately looked at my dog and told her to get ready because she was getting a sister.


It took me a week to be able to pick you up. The girl’s boyfriend told me if I hadn’t picked you up that day, he was going to drown you because you were a horrible puppy. I took you out of his arms and you immediately snuggled into me. You were so tiny for being 3-months-old, I almost didn’t believe it. The house was a filthy mess with trash everywhere. I knew then I should have come to get you the day I offered to take you.

I drove you straight to the vet, where they said you weighed 5.7 pounds and that you were covered in fleas. They cleaned you up, gave you shots, and I took you home. My other dog instantly became your best friend, and even though I didn’t think I had room, you fit in our bed and our lives just fine. Now you weigh 12 pounds at 6-months-old and have become the lap dog Grandma said I needed in my life.


You aren’t a horrible puppy like he said. You are the perfect puppy who just needed to be in a clean home and with people who love and take care of you.

Story submitted by an anonymous user from Columbus, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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