Once Shelter Cat Gets Out of His Cage, He Becomes the Ultimate Velcro Kitty

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I had just put my beloved cat to sleep because he had severe heart problems. I went to the animal shelter in Anchorage, Alaska, to look at the cats and get my cat “fix”. I heard a loud meowing, but couldn’t find which cat was making all that racket.


I finally stumbled across a little black cat, about 5 months old, who was very angry at being caged. I put my finger in the cage, and he played with it, purring loudly. I fell in love, and adopted him that day.


It took a few weeks for us to bond, but when we did, his true personality came out. He was a friendly cat who liked everyone who would pay attention to him. He would greet guests at the door and follow them around the house. People who didn’t care for cats loved Kenai. I would leave Alaska for long weekends and have friends take care of him for me. When I would come home, he would attach himself to his caretaker until they left. He would then come to me, greet me and attach himself to me for several days.


After several moves, my boyfriend moved Kenai to California for me while I was working in Alaska. Kenai disappeared on him when they arrived at our house, and my boyfriend was panicked. It turned out that Kenai found a place under the house to stay out of the way of the moving van. Kenai loved California, with all the insects and other animals to play with. I could see that he was aging, as he was not able to jump the fence as well as he used to. He was still the same loving cat, and loved to play with our Pomeranian, Dusty. They were great friends.

Kenai developed diabetes, and later, a cancerous tumor. We had to make the tough decision to let him go. Kenai knew he was loved, and appreciated a life outside of the cage. I’m glad I was able to help him live a fulfilling life. Kenai, you are missed.


Story submitted by an anonymous user from Bellflower, California.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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