Neighbors Rescue Terrified Cat Trapped Under Car By Barking Dog

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My daughter and her friend were outside playing in the backyard and I went out to check on them. Our neighbor’s dog was barking, and I was under the impression that for some reason, they had put her on a chain in the back of their yard. After a while of listening to her bark and dig under a car that was on the property, we went to investigate further.


Finding a cat under the car, we realized that we needed to take action and get her out. She was covered in oil and dirt, and I knew that she had to be terrified by the dog barking at her for so long.


We managed to coax her close with a can of cat food until I was able to get a hold of her. Once I had her in my arms, she started to relax. Already an owner of three rescued cats, I was concerned that she might be sick, so we secluded her from our other girls.


Rather than call and surrender her to the local shelter, we decided to clean her up the next day. I know how challenging bathing a cat is, but I knew that would be the best way to get all the oil and dirt off of her. She must have known that we were trying to help her because she was such a sweetheart and let me.

We took her to our veterinarian and made sure that she had a clean bill of health. I did put up posters and check for someone missing a cat, since she was estimated to be 2- to 3-years-old, but no one responded, and five years later, she is now a part of our rescued family.


Story submitted by Cheryl Miller from Pueblo, Colorado.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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