Cat Gets Abandoned and Loses Two Owners to Illness Before Finally Finding His Forever Home

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The story of Jake the tuxedo kitty is incomplete. When my mom first met him, he was living in a neighbor’s house, a sweet older lady. The story we heard is that Jake lived with a family on Long Island who had him declawed. Somehow, not long after, Jake found himself living on the street, defenseless and abandoned.


My mom’s neighbor’s family felt sorry for the clawless kitty, rescued him and brought him to New Jersey, where he lived for a couple of years in a very quiet household. He was safe and fed. Sadly the neighbor passed away, leaving Jake homeless once again.


My mom, who’d always had cats, took him in, and though she was reticent at first and thought she didn’t want any more pets, they lived happily together for nine years. He was so nervous that usually we only glimpsed his tail as he went running whenever anyone visited. He was a skittish only kitty, but very safe and very loved. He didn’t know how to play, but learned to trust my mom and slept with her every night. He even learned to catch a real mouse or two.


My mom got sick. She was so worried about what would happen to her Jake, and we assured her he’d always have a place with my husband, me and our three cats. We lost Mom three years ago and, brokenhearted, Jake and I comforted each other in our grief. He was my little savior I think.

Now of course, shy, sweet Jake lives in a big rambunctious family with three furry sisters who have sweetly coaxed him out of his shell and who now OWNS us! Mr. Jake’s twilight years are happy and full of love and treats, which he absolutely deserves after being a lonely gypsy for so long. Though he still doesn’t know what to do with his toy mice! Pictured: Jakey is on the right, hanging with his sister Georgia.


Story submitted by CeCe from Edgewater, New Jersey.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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