Young Cat Keeps Annoying Resident Senior Pets, But New Kitten Shows Up to Be Her Friend

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A year after losing our beloved Chloe, my partner and I decided that we would bring a new fur-person into our family and went to our local shelter. There were so many cats there and we wondered how on Earth we were going to choose… until we were walking by and heard a loud “Hey you!” in kitty-speak from one of the cages.


“I hate it here! Take me home!” she said. We brought her to the visiting area. She wasn’t particularly lovey or scared or hostile, just intent on getting out.


She climbed up on my partner’s head trying to get to the top of the partition. We knew we could not pass by a purrsonality like this. We brought her home and named her Independence, Inde for short.

We had two older cats at home, and Inde, being only a year old, was full of energy and wanted to play. “I won’t play with you. I’m too old!” said our 14-year-old, Chesney. “I won’t play with you. I’m too proper!” said our 9-year-old, Lilith.


But one night as my partner was driving her taxi, a little ball of fluff darted out from beneath a parked car. She opened the car door, and this tiny gray kitten tried to climb right inside. She was too young (probably about 4 weeks) to be on her own, so we brought home Eleanor Roosevelt, aka Ellie.

Inde and Ellie loved each other at first sight, and our apartment is filled with the sounds of them chasing each other or wrestling. Inde is so happy we brought home this kitten just for her.


Story submitted by Erin from Troy, New York.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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