Kitten’s Multicolored Eyes Lure in a Forever Family Who Had No Interest in Cats

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I’d never had a cat, even though I really wanted one. The main reason is that my family (especially my mom) thought cats were not as cute and faithful as dogs. Besides, our house is just too small to keep animals. Everything changed when we met Huru.


One day, my friend’s brother was walking his husky “Google” at the park when Google found a kitten. It was about 1 or 2 months old and hiding in a bush. The dog wanted to play with the kitten, but he didn’t know how to control the strength of his mouth.


Finally, the kitten was bitten by the dog, and my friend’s brother soon took it to the vet. The bite wound was not critical, but now Google’s family needed to find a keeper for the kitten. If they let the kitten stay at their house, the tragedy would strike again.


So, they posted photos on Facebook to ask for a new keeper. When I saw the photos, the heterochromia iridum eyes stunned me. Then I talked to my family and tried to convince them cats were not as bad as they thought. I succeeded in the end; the kitten became my first ever cat.

After discussing it, we named him “Huru” because he had a very big “prrrr” sound. (In Chinese, “huru” is used as the onomatopoeia of the “prrrr” sound.)


My mom has changed a lot since we kept Huru. She’s become very interested in cat knowledge, videos and news. I think that’s the best gift that Huru gives us.

Story submitted by Kagamirror Huang from Chung-Li, Taiwan.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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