Senior Boxer Finds Ways to Sneak Treats at Her Foster Family’s House

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Helen loves to give hugs and kisses to any human she meets! She is a senior boxer and, for reasons only she knows, was wandering around Central California by herself before she was brought to a shelter and rescued by NorCal Boxer Rescue.


When I started fostering Helen, she would jump on the kitchen counter to grab dog treats I forgot to put away (easy food for a former stray) or she would jump on the door to open the deadbolt to get to the dog food in the garage and then give me the “guilty” dog look we’ve all seen before. Now, she jumps on laps to give hugs to all her human friends and kisses to those brave enough to want their face cleaned with dog slobber. Helen can’t hold her licker!


All those hugs and kisses so endeared her to me that I ended up adopting her. But my foster failure is a success for Helen’s human friends with more hugs and kisses! If only she could give hugs and kisses to her stuffed animals.


Story submitted by Lawrence Yee in support of NorCal Boxer Rescue. Vote for your favorite Fur-tastic Scrapbook story here!

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