Senior Rescue Dog Helps New Canine Sister Grieve Her Lost Friends

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Helen is like a cherry Lifesaver candy. You see, Daisy, my senior retriever mix, was like a wintergreen Lifesaver – the one that emits blue light when crushed. Daisy was crushed and was blue when she lost her boxer brother Cagney a few years ago, crushed and blue again when her senior foster boxer brother Bo was lost the next year, and crushed and blue once more when her senior foster boxer sister Bunny was lost later that year. Crushed three times in two years – so blue!


Then Helen, who was found as a stray and rescued by NorCal Boxer Rescue, was placed in my home as a senior foster pup and fit in perfectly with Daisy, especially when they used each other as pillows on the couch, and helped make her like a whole Lifesaver candy.


Unfortunately, a few months later, 16-year-old Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge and now I was crushed and blue. Luckily for me, Helen was there. She wondered why I was like a wintergreen Lifesaver – crushed and blue, and put her paws on my lap and gave me kisses and did her wizened wiggle butt thing to make me smile and make me like a whole Lifesaver candy.

Helen knows how to put a smile on your face and is as sweet as a cherry Lifesaver. I can’t imagine home without her!


This story was submitted by Lawrence Yee, in support of NorCal Boxer Rescue. To see other Fur-Ever Family Photo & Story Contest submissions, click here!

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