Kitten Watches All His Siblings Get Adopted, While He Waits Patiently for His Forever Family

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings. The Cat House on the Kings saves pets’ lives in the Fresno County, California area, and the Animal Rescue Site is proud to share their stories. You can learn more about their work here!

We know everyone is pandemic petered out, but we are going to be dealing with the fallout from it for too many years to come if more veterinary care doesn’t arise, nationwide! The hard fact is that the kitten season flood is immense since most veterinarians stopped spaying and neutering during the pandemic. We have hundreds of calls from people who have mama cats with kittens or just litters of kittens “showing up” in their yards. That is how Harley’s story starts, a litter of five kittens showed up in the yard of someone who could not provide care for them.


Fortunately for this litter, they were found earlier in this year’s kitten season, and we were able to take them in because we had an open foster home! They don’t have any crazy story; they have an all too common story. Now for Harley, his story takes a turn while he plays his days away, not really always noticing what else is happening.

He thrived with his siblings in compassionate foster care. He adjusted well to moving into the adoption center once it was time, so that another litter could occupy his former foster home. He enjoys having multiple friends to play with. What he did tend to notice was all of his siblings leaving with their adoptive families, but he kept playing. Now we are worried, as he hits teenagedom, that he is in the danger zone of adopt-ability.


We all love him dearly. He makes us smile and laugh with his hijinks and play talents, but he will need the power of connection to help him find a forever family. Please help us share his magnetism and magnificence so he can motor on to a loving home before he is all grown up! His profile is below.

Hippity hoppity happy Harley may not zoom around on a motorcycle, but his seven-month-old purr sounds like one, as he zips around with his lively siblings or investigates every nook and cranny! This fun and affectionate boy is the the most active and inquisitive of his batch and also the most entertaining, as he ambushes your feet under the covers or marches right up for a head boop or some nice ear scratching.


He’s such a good, friendly guy and has also been fine with bigger cats and a small dog. An inquisitive little face, an awesome set of glistening whiskers, a classically handsome suit of soft gray stripes, and a sweet little smile make him a tabbyman darling with an irresistibly delightful personality. This good-natured, velvet purrasaurus is sure to be a joyful addition in a family that loves him.

Could this hearty hurly-burly boy named Harley be purrfect for you? If you think so, you can apply to adopt him here!

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings in Fresno County, California. Learn more about them here!

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