Dog With Short Spine Syndrome Finally Adopted, Immediately Goes on Adventures with New Family

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My name is Grump. I was in a crowded shelter in the south before I was saved by a rescue group in Pennsylvania. I didn’t find a forever family right away because I have something called short spine syndrome.


I look a little different and walk a bit funny, but I can still do almost everything other dogs can do. My mom and dad saw my picture and knew I belonged with them, even with my short spine. So I moved in with them and my life has been amazing ever since!


We go on adventures all the time, but my first summer with my family has been incredible! We rode around in this small house on wheels and saw the coolest stuff! I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. I’ve ridden an ATV through the Red Rock Canyon in Sedona. I’ve been to Assateague Island where giant dogs (Mom said they are horses) live on the beach. I’ve been to so many campgrounds.


Once, Mom put me in a baby swing just because I fit with my short spine. It wasn’t so bad. I mean, look how cute I am! I live with a dog sister and a cat sister. I also have duck and chicken siblings, but Mom doesn’t let me visit inside their fence anymore because I made everyone run and scream. It was fun!

Anyway, I hope you will vote for me to support Speranza Animal Rescue, who brought my dog sister, Joy, to Mom and Dad. She is the best sister ever! If we win, Mom and Dad also promise to give their own winnings to Philly Bully Team, who saved me and sent me to this awesome forever family.


P.S. Did you see how cute I am?

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