‘I Didn’t Understand What He Wanted’: Stray Kitten Keeps Asking to Be Let Into Stranger’s Home

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The story of Groucho and me started when I moved from my hometown and started a new life. It was about six years ago. Groucho was one of the kittens left by their mother in my beautiful yard.


I never had a cat before, I had never been close to a cat before, and at the time, I couldn’t afford to have any pets. I was just starting my own life. Groucho and his siblings were growing up, and after a few months, they left my yard.


But, one day, Groucho came to my yard and he wanted to get into the house. I was surprised, but I let him in anyway. The same thing kept happening for days. I didn’t understand what he wanted, but after a few days, I started to share a little food that I had with him.

After a while, I found a job and started to buy him a proper cat food. I didn’t consider him mine for a few months of our life together. Now, I think it was because he seemed to be very independent. Maybe he adopted me, not the other way around.


Unfortunately, just when I was very much in love with him, I found out that he was very sick – his diaphragm was broken. The vet strongly recommended keeping Groucho inside the house for the rest of his life. That was for three more years.

He was sick for a week before he was gone, but I’ve never forgotten him, the way he asked for attention , the way he commanded me, my husband and other cats, the way he decided to live with me, the way he complained when I told him no, the day he brought me a locust, the day he listened to my instructions on how to come down from the roof… All of that is in my heart and will be forever.


I’m grateful to Groucho for showing me how great it was to have him. He was always there, sitting next to me and looking through the window.

Story submitted by Aleksandra from Pula, Croatia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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