Mom Says Family Doesn’t Need Another Cat, Caves After Stray Meows in Yard All Night

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It was a chilly October night when a sad brown tabby sauntered into our yard, mewling helplessly and begging for food and love. With a well spoiled and very territorial calico already in the house, my mother was not eager to accept another furry tenant, so the poor cat stayed outside while the rest of us checked on it every few minutes.


My mother stood by her decision every time we asked to let it in. “It’s probably someone else’s cat anyway, just let it be!”

After only one night of the lone tabby crying at the door, she caved.


We took the tabby to the vet the next day and got it all checked out. What we had thought was a girl turned out to be a boy! The name went from White Socks to Francis with the new discovery, and with that check up, we found out something else – Francis was already neutered and declawed. My heart dropped, but I knew we had to get this poor boy home. Someone must have been really missing him!


We sent out ads for Francis, but week after week, nobody came forward to claim him. In the end, he became a permanent part of the family. And after a long battle, even our calico princess stopped hissing at him. (These days, you can find the two of them snuggled up next to each other!)

He’s a real people cat and loves to snuggle up under the blankets when we’re trying to sleep. He’s just as loving as he was the day he showed up at our door, and I’m so glad he picked us!


Story submitted by Mary Ade from Moline, Illinois.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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