Couple Sets Up Greenhouse for Neighborhood Feral Cats, Who All Ultimately Become Housecats

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When I met my husband 38 years ago, he swore he would never own a cat. Several years later, we ended up “temporarily” taking our daughter’s two cats. That started a path of adopting two cats from a shelter (after the other two passed over the rainbow bridge), which eventually led to feeding feral cats on our patio.


Winter was fast approaching, and a mommy cat brought her three young kittens to us to feed, which led to us making a shelter out of a miniature greenhouse.


We lined the shelves with soft blankets from Goodwill. We also added a small space heater for warmth, a small cat tower (purchased from Facebook Marketplace), a litter box, and food and water. We were able to trap five of the ferals and had them fixed.


When we moved from Texas to Tennessee, we brought four of the ferals and the one shelter cat with us. We erected the greenhouse on our deck before we actually moved so that it would be there when we moved the cats.

We kept them in the cages until the furniture had been brought in, then released them to spend the night inside. They have all decided to become house cats – they bring us such great joy. Paws is the Tuxedo, Daddy the short hair tabby, Brie the white one, Tiger the long hair tabby, and Midnight the black cat.


Story submitted by Charmien Morse.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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