Mother, Daughter, and Clever Calico Work Together to Get Dad to Adopt Her

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I’ve always loved cats and remember sleeping in one bed with a kitten my father rescued when I was a child. Every cat I saw in the street, I wanted – and did – pet. But there was something lacking in my life – a cat of my own.


My father loves animals, but since he is allergic, he rather disapproved of the whole venture. All the same, my mother and I made a trip to a local cat shelter one day. It was a regular house, but one full of cats, besides the family that runs it at their own expense.


I rather liked the family environment – the fact that the cats were free to move around the house and the garden as they wished, that they were all fully socialised and well cared for. Nevertheless, despite the plethora of cats to choose from, none of them really clicked with neither me nor my mother, and so we returned home empty-handed, to my father’s relief. This was in the summer.

By October, everything had changed. The cat I so longed for came to us on her own. We were at my grandmother’s and had just walked out of the house when I saw a six-month-old feral calico strutting towards us. She was beautiful, and my mother fell in love immediately.


We re-entered the house and cuddled and played with her, but when my father came around, he refused to take the kitten in. My mother was heartbroken. We returned home cat-less. It was the election weekend, however, and so when me and my father went to vote, my mother stayed behind.

Behind my father’s back, she went back to our grandmother’s and searched for the cat, and when we returned home, there she was, clutching the kitten and pleading – crying even – with my father to let her keep it. He relented. Clever and manipulative, the cat snuggled up to him on the couch that evening, and carefully, so that no one would notice, he started petting her and fell in love. And oddly enough, he’s not allergic to her.


Story submitted by Nicole from Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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