Cat Who Had Never Had a Forever Home Helps Ease Homesickness in College Student

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It’s not always easy to leave the family nest and get to your very first student apartment, especially when it comes to living all alone in this quiet little room. This is true even if we travel by train every weekend to go back to our family. I was no exception.


The first two months were quite difficult. I didn’t know anybody in this new town, and this “new life” quite frightened me. In my family, we used to live with cats. I always had a cat in the house. They were all awesome, as was my old family cat I had since I was 7-years-old. So the idea to get a cat immediately came to my mind.


I absolutely wanted to adopt one, but I really wanted to choose my little ball of fur and to have a crush at first sight. So I checked the website of my local association everyday, until I saw my future little princess. I instantly phoned the association and set an appointment to see the pretty lady. When the director saw how the cat behaved with me and how delicate I was, she agreed to the adoption.


Félia was a rescued cat who went from cattery to cattery because she wasn’t producing enough babies. Then she fell into an illegal cattery, which was found and closed. Afterward, she went to an old lady’s house. She didn’t want her and gave her to the association. So Félia was a 3-year-old cat who had never lived in a family and never experienced anything.

The first days were tough. Félia was afraid of everything, from the microwave to the toilets, and wasn’t accustomed to living with someone. We worked hard to get her used to everyday life and we built a strong connection. She made lots of progress and always came to me to be comforted when she was stressed or scared.


It’s been a year and a half now, and I couldn’t dream of a more perfect cat. Bon baiser de France, from Félia and me.

Story submitted by Mina from Orléans, France.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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