Dog Who’s Scared of Everything Finds Home and the Peace She Needs

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When I first met Emma, she was “Brownie” the rescue dog, and I was an adoption volunteer with Valley Humane Society in Casa Grande, Arizona. I was showing her off at the local PetSmart to try to find a home for her, when I realized she would be perfect for my own home.


She was quiet, calm and alert. These seemed like the best possible traits. So, I called my husband and had him come down to the store to meet her. He fell in love with her, too. When we went to the shelter to complete the adoption, the manager told us she had come in with her belly to the floor she was so scared, and you couldn’t touch the back half of her body.


Still, we were undaunted. We took her home, only to learn that she was also petrified of most men (including my husband, although it’s gotten better over the years) and brooms. (The first time I took one out to clean, she hightailed it for the farthest end of the house.) It broke my heart.


Any time there was thunder, she hid in the closet. She was also petrified of our cats, even though as a German pinscher, she’s much larger than them. Teaching her to sit at obedience training took FOREVER, but once she learned it, I cried I was so proud of her. We also did agility training with her, which she loved, although she was not a big fan of the other dogs (and still isn’t).

Eventually, with the advice of our vet, we put her on anti-anxiety medication, which helps to calm her fears quite a bit. We love our crazy dog to bits and can’t imagine life without her!


Story submitted by Joan Bundy from Casa Grande, Arizona.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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