Woman Takes Different Path Than Usual on Regular Walk, Finds Kitten in Need

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Three years ago, I was on my weight loss journey. I used to walk to the gym every day. One afternoon, I decided to take a different route than normal. That decision was fate, as it led me past a company that stores and rents out dumpsters. Their lot was packed full with dumpsters stacked on top of one another, a pretty dangerous place to be. Suddenly, from under the fence a kitten emerged onto the sidewalk and walked towards me.


She was malnourished and dirty but very sweet. I pet her and tried going on my way, but she kept following me! Worrying she’d get hit by a car following me the whole way to the gym, I picked her up and turned back around to go home, thinking I could call the animal shelter.


She was nervous about being picked up and would jump down out of my arms frequently, so I’d give her a minute to calm down and then pick her up and try again. We eventually got home, where my family instantly fell in love. We never called the animal shelter, she’s been with us since!


I found out I was pregnant two months later, and she seemed to sense it and would never leave my side. She treats my son like her own. When he’d cry, she’d meow outside of his bedroom door until I opened it to go check on him. She is so very patient with him, even when he pulls on her tail, but at the same time, she doesn’t take any nonsense from my older two kids. It’s like she knows my older kids should know better but my toddler doesn’t!

She’s a total lap cat and loves to chew on my pony tail when it’s time for me to feed her. Her personality is just so awesome that we’re still shocked someone would abandon her. We’re sure she wasn’t born a stray because of the way she approached me and how loving and trusting she is. I lost a lot of weight and I gained a cat! How awesome is that?


Story submitted by Heather Meinke from Monroe, Wisconsin.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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