Cat Named ‘Dorky’ Has Harrowing Origin Story

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One day, a friend and I were walking to a park to go hang out. We started to pass this weird wire cage full of loose stones that was a sort of decoration. As we walked by, I could hear a tiny meow coming from over by the structure. Stopping, my friend and I tried searching for where we heard the tiny meow and unfortunately couldn’t find the source. We did notice a larger feral cat desperately trying to get our attention by running up to us then back to the structure. Not being able to see what she was trying to get us to notice, we continued on our way.


I couldn’t stop thinking about the faint meows we heard. My friend insisted that nothing was wrong, but I didn’t believe that. So we turned around and tried looking again. This time, we could hear the tiny mews more and more coming from around the structure. The other cat we saw was going absolutely crazy pawing at this thing and crying. Finally understanding what the cat was trying to tell us, we started looking into the gaps between the rocks.

After a minute or so, two tiny little eyes started peering back at me. It was a baby kitten that was stuck in between the rocks and the cat was mama trying to tell us to rescue her baby!

In order to get to the kitten, we had to pry the wire apart and lift all these heavy rocks. After an hour, we finally pulled the kitten out. It was weak and extremely skinny. I wrapped the kitten up in my shirt and my friend and I headed back home. Mama kitty followed us for a while, then stopped once she knew her kitten was going to be safe.

To this day Dorky, for some reason, acts like a feral cat and only loves me. He runs from everybody and even bites the vets and has to be locked in kitty jail. But to me he’s a huge lovebug and loves kisses and cuddles.


P.S. He got his name for a reason.

Story submitted by Kitty Allister from San Diego, California.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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