One-Eyed Cat with Biting Problem Struggles to Find Home

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I was a volunteer with our local humane society and their RV vehicle MaxMobile, which they take around to adoption events. When the MaxMobile arrived on a shift I was volunteering, the outside doors went up to reveal the available cats sitting still in their cages.


Actually, all the cats were sitting still, except for a cat named Doris. She was pacing back and forth, getting everyone’s attention and basically saying, “It’s show time!”


I came to find out that Doris had been in the shelter for a year and 10 months, likely due to the fact that she liked to bite and she had one remaining eye that required eye drops a few times a day.


The backstory is that Doris was relinquished at the shelter with severe eye infections. Despite aggressive treatment, only one eye was able to be saved.

After a bit of consideration and conferring with my husband Brad, we decided to adopt Doris. Within a month, per our vet, she didn’t need the eye drops anymore, and within the next couple of months, her biting was under control. Doris will be celebrating her 10th anniversary (14th birthday) with us this October, and despite health problems like asthma and lung cancer (both likely related to her eye infection going to her nose, throat, and lungs), she’s still holding strong.


We love her so much; we think that she’s a-Doris-able.

Story submitted by Carolyn Clark.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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