After Hearing “Nobody Wants a One-Eyed Cat,” Family Takes One In

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I had just moved into my first apartment as a single mother. I was feeling very alone and guilty that my daughter had no one to play with, so I decided on getting a cat. That way, we would both have a friend. After browsing the newspapers, I came across an article that read “15 kittens please help!” I called and drove over that afternoon, newly purchased cat carrier in hand.


After looking at all the kittens, I was having a tough time choosing. Then a kitten, much smaller than the rest with only an empty socket where an eye should have been, appeared. I specifically wanted a female kitten, but the other female kittens wanted no part of me or my rambunctious preschooler. Can’t say I blame them. We were quite the package.

I asked about the small one-eyed kitten and was told, “Oh, you don’t want that sickly one. She’s the runt of the 15 kitten litter. Nobody wants a one-eyed cat. We’re just going to put her to sleep.”

Knowing how it feels to hear you’re unwanted, home with us Dixie kitty came. Four hundred fifty dollars’ worth of veterinary care and four years later, Dixie is still here and my best friend. She put up with my daughter dressing her up in baby doll clothes and never so much as hissed or struggled to break free of the silly outfits. She put up with me crying late nights, comforting me. She even put up with my new husband, our new house, and a great new cat condo.


Dixie has been constantly by my side, during my lowest times and my happiest times. She was there on my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. She was there on my wedding day. When loved ones passed. She is the most patient cat I have ever known. She truly is my best friend. I believe that day, Dixie saved me, just as much as I saved her. Plus, who doesn’t want a winking cat?

Story submitted by Andrea from Niles, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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