Stray Dog Found Eating Bugs in Park Has a Change of Luck

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After a fire took both my home and my dog Zoe, I didn’t really want another one until my brother found her in Memorial Park, eating bugs. I named her Digo, for Indigo.


She wanted nothing to do with anyone for two weeks but came out of her shell to learn a dozen tricks in two weeks. She is an all-black Blue Heeler mix with a white blaze and white speckled paws; my ex says she stepped in Dalmation.


For 15 years, she has been my constant shadow, stuck to me like Velcro. She loved both of my convertibles. At one point, she blew her ACLs chasing squirrels, and I dropped $12,000.00 so she could run again. She never caught one, but she ran and she ran! Best 12 grand I ever spent, worth every penny.


No matter what kind of day I had, she didn’t care, she was there to love me. So obedient, she barked only when there was a stranger at the door. A few years back, she developed ulcers on her front legs, and we fought successfully to keep them with no complaint. Two years ago, she developed glaucoma and lost sight in her right eye overnight. We fought that until she finally went totally blind last year. She took it all in stride and learned to move through the house.

Always buoyant and happy, this dog has lifted my sprits over the years like no human ever could. The old adage “The more I know people, the more I love animals” is her moniker.


She was diagnosed last Monday with terminal oral melanoma. I knew she would tell me when it was time, as she has today. She will not eat, drink or accept pain medication. So tomorrow, she will cross the Bridge. I have had many dogs, but none like her. My dear Digo, I love you and will see you again!

Story submitted by P. Dunn from Houston, Texas.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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