Kitten Survives Hours-Long Ride Hidden in Truck Engine

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The first time I saw my new boy was in my Facebook feed. My friend posted a picture of this tiny fur ball, asking if anyone could take him. Her husband is a truck driver, and he was on his way home one night in the middle of February from Wisconsin to Indiana when he stopped at a truck stop. He heard a tiny faint meow coming from his engine; he had already driven over 200 miles since his pick up, which meant this kitty hitched a very long and scary ride.


He opened his diesel engine to find a tiny and scared little kitten, not 6-weeks-old. Luckily for him, he rode in the cabin the rest of the way home. Unlucky for him, that wasn’t the worst part yet to come.

It didn’t take much cajoling for my husband to agree to take another kitty into our home. We set a date to pick him up, and that morning, I was very excited. He was going to be delivered after 5 p.m. I got a call at 3 p.m. Something was very, very wrong with him. My friend’s voice was panicked and worried. He has been having cluster seizures for 30 minutes. I told her to bring him to an emergency vet that was near both of us and to tell them I would pay for everything when I was there.


I prayed all the way the way there for my little guy to pull through and to just be okay at least until I got there. To my amazement, his seizures stopped shortly before I arrived, and he was quickly seen by a vet. Nothing wrong, at least physically. They ran every conceivable test they could; nothing. He hasn’t had a seizure since that awful day I almost lost him before I got him.

Six months later, he is pure love, greeting me every day with love and affection. He’s a little shy, understandably, around loud noises and new things, but he’s slowly breaking out of his shell. Naturally, his name is now Vin Diesel.


Story submitted by Dara from Indianapolis, Indiana.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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