Cat Adopts Woman While She’s Visiting Her Grandmother’s Grave

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I had recently lost my grandmother. She was my angel, and it was a very difficult grieving process. One morning, I woke up after dreaming about her. For some reason, I had a feeling that I just needed to go straight to the cemetery, so I quickly rushed to go visit her.


I sat down beside my grandmother’s grave and cried. I felt so lonely, and my depression I’ve struggled with for so long seemed to be getting worse day by day. As I was crying and feeling hopeless, a beautiful thin black cat came toward me meowing.

I didn’t know he was a male at first because he was neutered. I thought he was a female cat. I discovered later that day that she was actually a he. He had a beautiful coat, but very thin. He didn’t even have one flea on him. It was really weird, and I even asked around if he belonged to anyone.

CAT. PHOTO: PIXABAY / Дмитрий Савенко

He has an overbite, which makes him look like a little vampire. It was simply meant to be, he was everything I’ve always wanted in a cat. I know my reason for going to the graveyard that day, my grandmother had somehow sent him to me. If you believe or don’t believe, here’s one thing that’s true: He rescued me and helped me with my depression.

My boyfriend and I both named him Diablo Graves since Countess wasn’t fitting for a male cat. He’s now a spoiled house cat and sleeps with me every night. He protects me and helped me recover through the loss of my grandmother. He is my best friend and he even has a girlfriend named Gypsy Kitty Graves.


Story submitted by Angel Baldjian from San Antonio, Texas.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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