Self-Proclaimed Dog Person Takes in Cat Whose Owner Died

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Cleocatra officially became mine almost a year and half after I met her. When her owner died, the family couldn’t keep her, and my friend’s family, who didn’t really want her, took her in. When I told them I thought she was gorgeous, they begged me to take her. I couldn’t because of living situations.


However, eight months ago, I got my own place, and she came to live with me. I have been obsessed with her ever since. The weird thing is, I have never been a cat person. I never owned a cat. It’s always been all about the dogs. And I still love dogs! I love all animals, really. But anyway, with cats I was always like, “aw so cute” but “not for me”. Until I met this fluffy little demon kitty.


She’s actually super sweet and affectionate when she’s not running around the house like a maniac. I instantly fell in love with her. She was declared to be my cat. I renamed her because her name used to be Cuddles, but nobody ever called her that. As soon as she became mine, she adapted to me, her name, and her new home quickly and easily.

CAT. PHOTO: PIXABAY / Светлана Бердник

She is pretty attached to me now. I can’t even go to the bathroom without her following me in. And I am 100% okay with that. It’s like we were meant for each other. She chose me and I love her.

It’s unlike any experience I’ve ever had with an animal. The dogs in my life were chosen by my family, and while I loved them both to pieces, they didn’t choose me the way Cleo did. It was a special attraction between us. And now I can’t imagine life without her. She sleeps with me on my bed at night, we have meowing conversations regularly, she brings me toys to play with her, and she greets me at the door every time I come home. I would be so lonely without her. She’s my little baby.


Story submitted by Christina from Midvale, Utah.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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