Kitten with a Birth Defect in Her Colon Gets Off to Rough Start

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Chris survived!

A litter of four approximately 5-week-old kittens came to me to foster on June 19, 2022. They needed baths, especially Chris. The next morning, Chris was still a mess.


Again I bathed her, and I pulled a large fecal mat off. She started screaming in pain; her anus was swollen and bright red. A rush to her first emergency vet visit.


Her litter mates grew and were adorable. They were off to a shelter to quickly find their homes, as were the next fosters, two kittens, half her age. As Chris was not growing normally, she was the same size at 12 weeks as her 6-week-old “cousins”.


Chris needed special care. A birth defect in her colon made it painfully difficult for her to eliminate. There were enemas, baths, two laxatives, massages and many trips to the clinic. Much clean up was needed around the house; sheets and towels covered everything. Marie at Loma Cat House and the staff at Monument View Veterinary Hospital worked to save her.

She could not have made it without her Big Boys, senior cats Simonlli (15) and Milo (14), who were her groomers and playmates. Not only did she survive, she is thriving at 11 months. Chris went from being the most pathetic and stinky kitten I’ve ever worked with, to a beauty. Her skinny rat-like tail is now a plume as long as her body, with silver highlights. Her medium length black fur is glossy, and her eyes are golden, round with curiosity. She brings joy to our home and to all who meet her.


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