Peppy Cat Believes its Her Job to Cheer Her Family Up

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We rescued Chloe from the Elmore SPCA in 2012 and she joined our other cat Matty. Chloe was full of energy and made every day a new experience. She had her own special personality and was quite independent.


In 2019, Matty died and it was devastating to the family. Chloe made me whole by becoming the most loving and caring cat I have ever owned. She kept me busy playing with her, and at night, she would sleep at my side. Also, she would sit next to me if I was on the computer or on the couch watching TV. Chloe knew I was in pain and she comforted me; she has been a true lifeline for me.

Chloe follows me all over the house and is sure to let me know it’s time to eat, and after eating, it’s time to go in and lay in her chair in the office. And like most cats, she is up very early for breakfast, jumping up on the bed, jumping off the bed loudly until I get up. Chloe has made such a difference in my life because of her love.


This story was submitted by Debbie Rheome, in support of Elmore SPCA. To see other Fur-Ever Family Photo & Story Contest submissions, click here!

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