Pup with Serious Condition ‘Saved From the Brink of Death’

The following story was a finalist in the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest. The top three finishers received $500 in cash, as well as $2,000 in cash and supplies for their favorite shelter. To read more stories, click here!

Chili is my grandpuppy that I keep all week while her parents are working… and some weekends. She was 12-weeks-old when my daughter found her advertised and had been kept in a kennel most of the time. She was forced to eat her own feces to keep her kennel clean. I tossed that kennel right out after the first night. (She lived with me for six months while her parents bought a home.)


Chili developed Addison’s Disease at a very early age and was sent home to die by her first vet, who didn’t know or care what was wrong with her. She was taken to an all-night emergency clinic that night, and the prognosis was not good.


However, the next morning after many prayers and no sleep, when my daughter walked in, she was greeted by a very excited puppy who had been saved from the brink of death. After finding a great vet, Chili is now going on 8-years-old, and with her shot each month and pill everyday, she is doing awesome!

She is the sunshine in my day, and I love her dearly and am thankful she is here, healthy and happy (although a little nervous, which is normal). I do everything I can to make her happy.


This story was submitted by Darlene McAllister in support of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. To read other stories from the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest, click here!

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