‘Wild Tasmanian Devil’ Feral Cat Calms Down Just Enough to Become Beloved Household Pet

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CC was a feral kitten abandoned by her mom on my front porch years ago. She skittered around the porch so quickly that I thought she was a rat!


It was weeks before I came face to face with a kitten perched on the back of the wicker loveseat on my front porch, staring into my family room window. Shadow, my male inside cat, alerted me to her presence.


It took another two weeks of her going in and out of a live trap set up on the front porch before she had eaten enough “bait” to put on enough weight to trip the mechanism. When she was finally in the trap, she was so wild that I was sure that I had caught a Tasmanian Devil.


I transferred her into a large metal cage in the garage with food, water, a bed and a litter box. I could only touch her with welding gloves. I spent hours talking to her and kept a tv on 24/7 to keep her company. After a month, I finally moved her into a bathroom in the house with two elderly cats who became her foster parents. Yes, we were a four-cat household.

One month and four shower curtains later, she was “civilized” enough to join the household as a “house cat” and finally met Shadow, my downstairs cat. He became her best friend, introducing her to toys, daily combings, fresh catnip, and human laps. CC stands for Crazy Cat because she truly was crazy.


Much older, somewhat tamer, and slowing down, she is the sole inside cat in the household, outliving the three other cats that were here when she arrived at her forever home.

Story submitted by Judy Ackley.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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