Cat Needs New Home After Losing the Family She’s Had Since Kittenhood

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings. The Cat House on the Kings saves pets’ lives in the Fresno County, California area, and the Animal Rescue Site is proud to share their stories. You can learn more about their work here!

Security is important to all living beings. We understand how it can rock our world when our security in our home, in our known surroundings, is challenged or taken away. People who work with animals can have this understanding and give it to the animals in their care, but it is another thing to have potential adopters understand and give that allowance.


Anna has had her security change several times throughout her life. Born to a street surviving mama, Anna was found on a rental property as a kitten. She was scooped up for safety reasons, separating her from her mother and her siblings initially.

She was afraid and felt alone, but that didn’t last too long, as her siblings were found and brought into the same loving foster home that Anna was in. She kept up her guard for protection and because her molecular set up said so. She did relax since she had her sister by her side, and she came into a trusted companionship with her foster human.


It didn’t take long – just two months since she is gorgeous – for her to get adopted. This separated her from the security of her sister and her foster home. She did get adopted by someone who loved her and cared for her for two years before both human and animal in this family would lose the security of their current home.

Anna’s person tried desperately to find a home that would allow Anna and her two other adoptive cat siblings a new place to live all together. Unfortunately, as many experience all too often, this didn’t come to fruition. Anna’s person had to make the difficult decision on which of her three cats could move with her to a place that only allowed two cats. Anna would lose her family again, her home again, her security, again.


Anna hangs on to her love of kind gentle people who will allow her to make the first move once she feels safe. She will always have her beauty, so she doesn’t quite understand those that quickly move toward her stunning appearance to meet her. At just three years old, Anna understandably has the need to take her time to build her feeling and understanding of security, since she has had so much taken from her in her short life.

Please help us find the security of a loving adopter for Anna; her adoption profile is below!


Anna was adopted as a kitten and recently returned through no fault of her own. Her adopter is moving and cannot take Anna with her. Anna would do best in a home where it is quiet with no other pets or young children. She will need time to adjust to a new environment, so she might hide at first. Once she feels safe and secure, though, she will love to sit with you.

She likes soft pets and chin rubs and will even let you pet her belly. She likes it best if she is the one to come to you, as fast movements scare her. One way to her heart is wet food, all types of wet food. She does nibble on dry food throughout the day, as well.

Anna is waiting for her forever home that can make her feel safe and secure where she can be the center of attention her way. If you think you can provide that, apply to adopt her here!

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings in Fresno County, California. Learn more about them here!

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