Woman Taking Dog for a Walk on a Frigid Night Finds Tiny Kitten

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I was taking my dog for a late night walk in early February 2015. There were hard freeze warnings following a lot of rain, and it was getting quite cold out. As we were walking home, Toffee stopped to stare at a building dump site just a block from our house. It was muddy from the rain, so I coaxed her to keep moving. As we walked away, I heard a faint “meow”.


We stopped to listen and heard it again. A good mimic, I answered with my own “meow”. With a much louder “meow”, a tiny ball of fluff came running out of the dump site.


We all barely avoided being struck by a speeding car, so to avoid further calamity, I ran Toffee home and rushed back out to look for the kitten. I meowed and out he came running from under a neighbor’s car. No collar and too late for knocking on doors, so he came home with me.


He was starving, tummy was empty and he couldn’t have weighed more than two pounds. We got by with dog food and a makeshift litter box that night, got supplies the next day, and posted lost kitten signs. Two weeks later, he was still with us. No calls and no one came looking for him.

My grandchildren wanted a kitten for Christmas, but mom felt they weren’t quite ready. However, this little guy’s need for a home wore her down. I took him to the vet for shots and checked for a chip – no chip. I got him chipped and scheduled his neutering. Vet placed his birthday in August (older than we thought), same as both grandchildren, and he now weighed over five pounds.


He is a cuddly ball of fur with a calm adapting personality (except for baths). He loves to head bump and purr and purr. He is only a few miles away, and I get to babysit him from time to time with his two-legged siblings. I can’t believe no one was missing him or would want to dump him. But their loss is our gain.

Story submitted by Cathy H from Atascocita, Texas.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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