No One Realizes Friendly Neighborhood Cat is Actually a Stray, But He Finally Finds a Home

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I never planned on owning a cat. I am a dog person, always have been. Somehow they gravitate to me anyway. Our first cat had gotten extremely sick, and after a few stints in the kitty ICU with a “mysterious” neurological disorder, I finally accepted the fact that it was unfair to subject her to further trauma. So when she again got extremely ill, we allowed her to go peacefully. I often wonder if she sent our next kitty to us.


A few months later, another cat started hanging out at our house, in the bushes. She was so friendly that our neighbor’s toddler would cart her around with hind paws dragging on the ground, without a hint of protest!


One day, his mom asked me if that was our cat. I responded, “I thought she was yours”, to which I was informed that their daughter was deathly allergic. It was then that we decided to keep her.


I decided that with her wonderful disposition, that was the cat for me! Our son named her Butterscotch Butterfly. Off to the vet we went for shots and spaying. It was then that I was informed that “she” was approximately 2-years-old, and was an emaciated (at 12 pounds) neutered male!

I tried as hard as I could to make him an indoor cat, but he never fully got used to that idea and would sneak out every chance he got! Tipping the scale at about 20 pounds, he was always friendly and loving to all of us, always wanting to be with us and sleeping on my pillow each night. For fun, he would lay on the coffee table, swiping his paw at my dogs as they walked by.


We lost our beloved baby to a nasty tumor one year ago. It was devastating having to say goodbye to our angel after being together for 11 years. We love and miss you Butterscotch Butterfly, and we will never forget you!

Story submitted by Laura Miceli from Ormond Beach, Florida.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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