Feral Kitten with Two Broken Legs Rushed to the Vet, Couple Tries to Save Her Despite the Odds

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Early on a November morning, a feral cat and one of her two kittens darted across my backyard. Concerned the second kitten was missing, I checked the yard. To my horror, I saw a tiny terrified ball of fur. I immediately knew something horrible happened.


She tried her best to catch up to her sister and mother by balancing on her front legs alone, crying in pain the entire time. If something wasn’t done, she would die. I called my husband and explained what I saw; he said he would be home right away.


Once home, he and I lured the three back into our yard. Despite her debilitated state, she still managed to almost escape. In a last ditch effort to save her before she slipped away, my husband grabbed her.


Once at our vet, we learned both of her rear legs were broken, one in three places. Her tail was broken, and she had fluid on her lungs. Our vet felt her injuries were most likely the result of being crushed. She needed major surgery and extensive follow-up care. Due to her “wildness” our vet recommended we euthanize her. I was devastated. As our vet continued to talk about euthanizing her, my husband asked, “What would you do if this was someone’s cat?” The vet very quickly replied, “I’d fix her of course”, to which my husband, without hesitation, said, “Do it”.

It was expensive and painful for both her and us. It was a long recovery; she spent almost two months under care at the vet. We would visit her daily, slowly building trust. Then, on Christmas Eve, we were finally able to bring her home.


Six years later, she’s an amazing, strong, playful cat, who despite being a little arthritic, still runs, jumps, climbs, and loves. She has overcome her feral nature, and loves nothing more than serenading my husband and cuddling with him on the couch. She is part of our family, who is loved. I cannot imagine life without her. It amazes me daily, what she survived and how far she has come.

Story submitted by Lori from Brunswick, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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