Newly Married Couple Ends Up with Two Kittens After Returning From Honeymoon

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I remember very well that year, 2012. My wife and I were planning our wedding. What a rush… so many things, and my man’s mind almost blowing up trying to get used to so many details. My wife was loving it.

I used to go to swim every Saturday, in a sports complex near my house. I have many friends there, and the two receptionists were lovely women. We always spoke a little before I went to the pool. In some of these conversations, they found out that I’m a cat lover! They also knew that I was about to get married. So, destiny acted!


One of the girls found a pregnant cat who needed assistance because she was hungry and tired. She gave her shelter and food, and kept her as a pet and to offer what every mom deserves: a safe place to give birth and love her babies.

In the middle of this story, I got married and went on a honeymoon. As soon as I came back home and to my swimming classes, I received the news. There were babies! But the girl (Mayra) needed to guarantee that people would adopt the little ones, otherwise she’d have to send them to a shelter.

I said, “Give me one of them!” She gave me not one, but a couple! I was just married and trying to adapt to my new life… wow, two kids so soon!


My wife said we should give them names to remember our wedding. We came up with Bisnaga (“Squirt”, the pet dog of the guy who made our wedding gifts) and Sininho (“Tinkerbell”, the nickname I gave to our wedding’s bartender, who was short, skinny and blond, like Peter Pan’s little friend).

Story submitted by Rogério Vacari Júnior from Caxias do Sul, Brazil.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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