Stray Cat Leaves Her Kittens with Neighbors Who Had Looked After Her

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We have three cats and four dogs. So when we saw a stray cat hanging around our home for several days, we started leaving food out for her.


Every morning, we would leave for work and there she would be, sitting on the front stoop waiting for her meal. Unfortunately, no matter how much we tried, we could not get too close to her or she would run.


After about three weeks of this, we noticed one morning she was not there, and feared a wild animal had gotten her since we are surrounded by wood. One day while watching TV, we heard what sounded like an animal crying, so naturally we went and looked to see if it was her, only to discover these three sweet kittens (two boys and one girl) laying in the same spot the cat would always sit when waiting for food, only she was nowhere in sight (we never saw her again).


There was no doubt in our minds that these sweet kittens belong to her, as they looked just like her. After searching all over for her, we wrapped them up in a warm towel and took them to the animal hospital to make sure they were okay. After explaining to the vet how we found them, he told us that more than likely she left them there because she knew that we would care for them since for some reason she could not. He went on to say that judging by the fact their eyes were just opening, they were only a few weeks old and that if we were going to keep them, we would need to bottle feed them.

So naturally we bought all the supplies needed to care for them and took them home. That was three years ago and these three are so loving towards everyone, even strangers who come to the house. Though their names are Banshee, Shadow, and Lucky, we jokingly call them Huey, Dewey, and Louie because they are always up to some sort of trouble. Nothing is safe in our home.


Story submitted by an anonymous user from Merrimack, New Hampshire.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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