‘Out of Place’ Cat Pops Up to Be Fed with Strays During Cold Winter

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I live in an area with very harsh winters, with cold days registered at -38 or -40 degrees Celsius. I have been feeding stray cats for the last couple of years and have built little insulated homes for them that I have placed inside our wood shed.


In January 2015, I saw this beautiful beige cat joining the others for some food. The cat seemed out of place, not looking like a stray that was used to the outdoors. So, I tried to get near it, but of course, it was scared silly of me and all I could do was continue to feed it.


But one day, I was going to place the food and Bailey (as I named him) was there. This time, he was just meowing and not running away, so I decided to try to pick him up. Lo and behold, he just let himself be taken.


In my arms, he was cold and shaking so badly. He didn’t have his winter fur, so I opened my coat and cuddled him next to me and he seemed to just say “thanks.” That was it for me. I just fell in love with him. The problem, though, was that I had two dogs that had never met a cat before, and I had to convince my spouse to accept another member in my family zoo.

For a few days, I kept feeding and cuddling with Bailey, and then he started to follow me to my home door. One day, we let him in to see how the dogs reacted. I opened the door and in popped Bailey, walking past my two barking dogs as if he had known them forever. I guess the dogs were too stunned to react.


From that day on, the cat that was abandoned at my home found his forever home and is now spoiled rotten. Bailey is the most cuddly, calm, and sweetest cat I have ever seen. What a sweetheart. I am blessed to have him.

Story submitted by Connie Murray from Sainte Anne des Monts, Canada.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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