Dumped Pomeranian Dog Rescued From Rural Stretch of Road

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I was working my post-retirement job, a part-time truancy officer serving four counties, driving a marked van owned by my employers, an educational district office. I noticed on a long straight rural stretch, a Pomeranian running down the shoulder.

DOG. PHOTO: PIXABAY / Сергей Корчанов

It was on the far shoulder, traveling my direction, and several oncoming cars blocked further view. Traffic lightened and I had gone nearly a mile, summarizing there were no homes and that dog did not belong there. I had to go back. I had been a cop far too many years to not get involved.


I turned around and went back, seeing brake lights ahead and a log truck blocking the roadway. My heart sank. I was sure the dog had been struck. I pulled along the shoulder and could see the exhausted dog, laying on the center-line of the highway. The log truck driver, bless his heart, had blocked traffic from hitting it.


Here I was, an old man in a marked vehicle, stepping out in a vest with uniform patch. I’m sure everyone thought I was a dog-catcher. The pup looked at me as I stepped out and I called, “Come here, baby.” She ran to my arms, and into the van we went.

She was as happy as could be in the passenger seat. She was beautiful but neglected, matted and smelly, but so happy. She spent the rest of my day with me, sharing my lunch and water. On my return trip, I stopped at that county’s animal control office and reported her. They inspected her for a chip and there was none, nor a collar. They suspected she was dumped. Dumped on a highway… so cruel.


I was worried what would happen next, and the officer asked if I would be willing to adopt her after 30 days. They would give me a rabies voucher and an adoption form and I could immediately take her home. Done deal! Now to explain to my wife.

No explanation needed. Once home, she then stole my bride’s heart. She was a happy loving addition to our family for many years, and Baby was her name.

Story submitted by Scott Ryon.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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