Blind Dog Has Farmland Adventures with His Sighted Sisters

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This blind little pup makes all of us smile. He’s able to keep up with his sighted “sisters” and posts his adventures regularly on his Momma’s Facebook account.


He and his sisters have the run of adjacent agricultural properties and share their escapades with numerous friends: running through seas of wheat and soy, hopping above the crops to get their bearings, halfheartedly chasing deer they flush out of the woods, and playing in/drinking from the canal that runs through the property.

He was a foster fail when he and his sighted brother came ostensibly for two weeks while awaiting adoption. Then weeks later, his brother was adopted and moved from South Carolina to New York, but he had no takers, probably due to his blindness. Since he lived with his dog sisters and their three cats, he was asked if he’d like to stay with them, and said yes.


Since joining the family, he’s been a proud foster brother to three other sets of puppies, and another permanent foster with heart issues.

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