Stray Cat Sneaks Out After Giving Birth to Litter, But Ultimately Finds a Home

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In October 2014, I started working as an esthetician at a salon in downtown Denver. One day, I heard my name being called to come see “the cat”. I rushed out to the private parking lot for employees and saw a very small, very pretty, little kitty. She wouldn’t let anyone near her, but I rushed to the convenience store on the corner. I bought her some packaged salmon and a bag of dry food, and she ate right next to me.


As the winter went on, she became pregnant. Desperate to save her and the babies from the below freezing weather, I contacted a shelter and got a trap. I collected the babies, but momma pushed through the trap and disappeared into the salon over the weekend. I bottle-fed each of the five day-old babies every day until the shelter could take them in. I managed to trap momma cat and take her in for TNR.

As she was recovering, I realized she was very sweet. Suffering from pretty severe anxiety and mental illness, I find it hard to connect with humans, but I would sit with her for hours just talking to her, and she would purr and make all the biscuits her huge paws could manage (I think she’s Maine Coon). I haven’t had an anxiety attack since spending time rehabilitating her, and that’s huge for me.

I knew I had to find her a home. After socializing her and seeing her blossom from a skinny, shy stray, I knew she would make someone really happy — I just didn’t realize immediately that person would be me. After two months, she meowed for the first time when I came into the room, and I just started crying. I know it sounds silly, but that little peep told me, “You saved me. I love you.” I knew I couldn’t abandon her.


I named her Artemis after the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and protector of women. I didn’t just save her, she saved me, and now she’ll never have to sleep on a cold street again.

Story submitted by Cat from Denver, Colorado.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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