One-Eyed Cat Captures Heart of Shelter Volunteer, Is Now ‘Spoiled Rotten’ in Her Home

The following story is a finalist in the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest. The top three finishers will receive $500 in cash, as well as $2,000 in cash and supplies for their favorite shelter. Voting runs through June 1. To read more stories and cast your vote, click here!

I’m Arrrrrrgento the Pirate, with my one all-seeing eye. I used to be a Goathouse Refuge kitty, where my mommy is a volunteer. She used to visit me all the time and give me pets.


I was just playing it cool on my perch, biding my time… then one day, VOILA! I went home with Mommy and all bets were off – I instantly became a baby kitten again, and it didn’t take long before I became so SPOILED ROTTEN I’m practically “ruirn’t!!”


My favorite thing to do is to cuddle with Elijah-cat, who is actually a year younger than me, but I convinced him he is my daddy!


Let me tell you a secret: we think I’m a full-blooded Russian Blue. So how did I come into the shelter-refuge route? We don’t know. We only know that “breeds” end up in shelters, and it’s not our fault. There’s lots of cats and dogs out there who need love. If you can’t adopt, donate food, litter and money. If you can’t do that, volunteer to sit and play and cuddle, which’ll help socialize my friends out there so they’ll find homes.

Mommy used to be an opera singer before she became a cantor and a rabbi. She gave me the middle name Wotan, after the the all-knowing, one-eyed chief of the gods in the operatic Ring Cycle. I always wants to walk the plank of love and kisses. Yo-ho-ho and a cuddle of love! Adopt, don’t shop.


This story was submitted by Jacqueline Marx in support of The Goathouse Refuge. To read other stories from the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest, and to cast your vote for your favorite, click here!

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