Cat Rescued By Kind Motorist After Trying to Cross Three Lanes of Traffic During Rush Hour

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One day, my mom was on her way home from work during rush hour. She saw this tiny black figure crossing three lanes of heavy traffic and thought to herself, “That’s a funny looking squirrel…” So, being the kind-hearted animal lover she is, she pulled over and checked to see if the little thing was okay. To her surprise, it wasn’t a squirrel, it was a kitten.


The little fella was terrified, so my mom wrapped him in her cardigan and took him home. When I opened the door, my mom said in a cute, child-like voice, “Can I have a home?” Of course I said, “Yes!”

We took the little guy to the vet inside of our local PetSmart to get him checked out. The vet told us that he was one pound, four ounces and that that meant he was about 4-weeks-old since, at that age, kittens grow about a pound a month. As we were waiting in the room for the vet, we were trying to find a name. I looked on my phone for male cat names and fell in love with the name “Archie”.


My baby boy is 2-years-old now and he is honestly my best friend. I live alone and he definitely keeps me company. He is heaven sent and a true blessing in my life.

Story submitted by Samantha Hanna from Ladson, South Carolina.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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