Kitten Was Nearing Death with Third Degree Burns, Now He’s Wearing Onesies in a Safe Home

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Archie’s amazing recovery from third degree burns makes him pawsitively purrfect!

Archie was surrendered to Headed For Furever Inc. at 10-weeks-old, weighing just over a pound. We were told that he had a few wounds from an allergic reaction to flea meds and agreed to take him into rescue. He was a skeleton covered in fleas. His skin was literally melting off in our hands.


We rushed him to the vet where he was hospitalized in shock, nearing death. Through some miracle, he stabilized over the next few days. His wounds were debrided and covered over half of his little body. They were severe and not from flea medicine, but rather boiling water being poured over him.


We brought him home completely immobile. We had to get him up every two hours to turn him to prevent pressure injuries, feed him, and take him to the litter box. It took months of daily bandage changes and laser therapy, as well as a near fatal battle with aspiration pneumonia, but he did it. Archie not only survived, he thrived!


Today, Archie is a happy and healthy 8-month-old boy. His wounds have completely healed. He is scarred and bald from his neck and shoulders down to his tail, but to us, the story of his survival makes him perfect! Plus it gives us an excuse to dress him in the cutest little onesies to protect his fragile skin.

Archie holds no grudges against humans despite his horrible start to life. He is a sweet and cuddly boy that loves Fancy Feast, playing with his kitty siblings, and enjoying the sunshine. I never planned on keeping another cat, but Archie stole our hearts and was home from day one.


We are beyond thankful for his survival and the opportunity to love him for years to come.

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