Street Dog Has Puppies and They All Get Adopted, Except for Her

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Someone had abandoned a dog at a lonely stretch of road near my home, and four lovely puppies were born a week later. Three were brownies and one a mix of black and white. The puppies were housed inside a roadside scupper and the mother dog would show her displeasure when someone went near. If it rained, I worried the puppies would be washed away, if not drowned.


A friend posted photographs of the puppies on the internet and within a week, all the puppies were adopted but not the mother dog. I named her Ah Girl. Ah Girl was lonely and hungry because she could not find food, so I fed her twice daily. She would wait for my arrival at the T-junction where I would give her meals. Each time I left, she would attempt to prevent me from leaving.

Two weeks later, I saw that she was wounded. I thought in time, it would heal. Instead, it got worse. So I took her home and gave her medical treatment. After the wound healed, she was spayed to join the rest of my dogs. My wife and I agreed that this would be our last addition. We already had six adult dogs.


Ah Girl is 15-years-old next month and she is the only one still with us.

Story submitted by Loke Larry from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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