Two ‘Teen Mom’ Cats Have Raised Their Kittens and Now Need Forever Homes

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings. The Cat House on the Kings saves pets’ lives in the Fresno County, California area, and the Animal Rescue Site is proud to share their stories. You can learn more about their work here!

Giving the gift of nurturing care came naturally to our loving, merry, marvelous moms Adeline and Betty Lou. Being a mom can be tough when you don’t have enough to provide for your little ones. Adeline and Betty Lou represent the many, many moms that come through our doors needing help for their families.


They also represent one of the cat populations that has a harder time getting adopted. They stand in a tough position of being protector, guardian, provider, etc., along with the reality that it is hard to compete with their own children for a loving adoptive family. Of course, it is their goal to care for, raise, and teach their kittens so that they can go on to live a good life.

Adeline and Betty Lou did a remarkable job providing for their kittens under the circumstances that they had to deal with. They continued to be impeccable moms once given the needed support to sustain and raise their kittens. Having seven kittens between them that are too cute to mention, healthy, and exquisite, they now have the chance to continue their lives.


We appreciate our dear fosters who open their homes to allow kitty families like Adeline’s and Betty Lou’s to stay together safely and joyfully so that it isn’t tragic when it is time for their paths to separate. Having fulfilled their motherhood duties to completion makes such a remarkable difference for mom cats.

These two true beauties represent the many, many merry marvelous moms that reach their life path where they, too, are looking for loving adoptive families, and they often need the sparkle of sharing to reach that goal. Please help our moms Adeline and Betty Lou find their gift of adoption soon, and remember when you look at cute kittens that they had a mom, too!

Here’s Adeline’s adoption profile:


Beautiful little mama Adeline once had a home, a warm bed and food, people to love her. But her humans failed to have Adeline spayed, and when she was still just a very young cat, she became pregnant and had four beautiful little kittens. Her owners moved from their apartment and decided that Adeline and her babies were too much of a responsibility, so they left them outside and alone.

Adeline did the best she could to care for her little ones, finding what food she could to keep them all alive. Eventually, a kind neighbor contacted The Cat House on the Kings, and Adeline and her babies were rescued just in time! Adeline’s babies are now safe and happy, adopted or in foster care, and Adeline has been spayed to keep her healthy and happy, as well!

She is sweet and loving and adores pets and ear scratches! She loves to lay on the back of her human’s chair while watching TV, and when it’s bedtime, she loves to curl up beside her human and purr them to sleep! Adeline’s story deserves a happy ending. Wouldn’t you like to be her loving happily forever after? If you do, apply to adopt her here!

And for Betty Lou’s adoption profile, look below!


Beautiful Betty Lou doesn’t need a new pair of shoes (like the song), but she does need a new home where she can be appreciated, loved and pampered. This too-young mom gave birth to a litter of kittens in the Walmart parking lot before they were all rescued… and she was a great mom.

She’s an affectionate one-year-old love bug who enjoys being petted, getting her tummy rubbed, and getting chin scratchies. She didn’t grow up with toys, but she’s slowly learning to appreciate them. (She does NOT like the dog in her foster home.)

If you want to bring her into your home and help her continue appreciating toys, apply to adopt her here!

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings in Fresno County, California. Learn more about them here!

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