Two Days After Bringing Home New Rescue Dog, Family Learns She Can Detect Seizures

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Our family headed to the Tacoma Animal Shelter when we were finally ready to adopt a dog again, after the loss of our precious Saki.

In a cage, shaking all alone, was a sweet puggle; her name was Moochie. She had just been put out that morning.


Moochie had been fostered during her first few months of life, as she had been injured and needed surgery shortly after she was born. Moochie and we were placed in a room, to see if she and our daughter (who is totally blind and has seizures and developmental delays) would get along.


Our daughter, who has never bonded with a dog, and Moochie bonded immediately. You would have thought they had been together forever. Needless to say, we brought Moochie home and changed her name, to Addie (A name she chose herself. As we discussed new names, she popped up and came immediately to Addie).

All’s good, right? Two days after bringing Addie home, she started barking and bouncing around our daughter. Fifteen seconds later, our daughter had a big grand mal seizure. Oh my goodness, we have a seizure dog!

A few days later, my husband called the trainer we had been referred to, and it turns out she used to train seizure dogs at the women’s prison. Addie went through 12 weeks of obedience training, and the trainer told us how to complete her training for seizures.


Now as truly amazing as all that is, Addie detects my husband’s cellulitis and my migraines. She is truly a blessing to our family.

Story submitted by Ali Sweeney.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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