Animal Rescue Shares The Reason Behind Viral Kitten’s “Twerking” Dance Moves

A 3-month-old kitten named Twerk went viral for her awesome dance moves and those moves helped her find a loving forever home!

The little kitten was taken in by the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh and they immediately noticed she had quite the sense of rhythm. In fact, she couldn’t stop dancing.

Photo: Facebook/Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh

The rescue shared a video of the cat on Facebook and it wasn’t long before it went viral.

In the post, they explain that the 3-month-old kitten was brought to their shelter because her owners were moving and didn’t want to deal with her anymore.

While it’s usually not too hard to find a forever home for a kitten, Twerk’s circumstances are a bit unusual considering she suffers from Cerebellum Hypoplasia.

Photo: Facebook/Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh

According to the National Institue of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Cerebellum Hypoplasia is a neurological condition “in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed.”

The VCA Animal Hospita reports that this condition in cats can result in “jerky or uncoordinated walking, swaying from side to side when trying to walk, a goose-stepping gait called hypermetria, mild head tremors, and/or intention tremors.”

Photo: Facebook/Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh

The severity of the condition depends on different factors, but kittens born with Cerebellum Hypoplasia can go on to live happy and fulfilled lives if offered the proper support and care.

The Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh was pleased to announce that Twerk is one such kitten living her best life! They said, “Twerk is obviously an adept dancer & quite content with life!”

Check out the video below:

The same day that the video was posted, Twerk ended up finding a loving forever home!

The rescue shared, “Twerk just danced away with a new mom!” and we couldn’t be happier for her.

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